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We’ve always heard of the importance of having neat and clean surroundings. Even in childhood, the lessons of cleanliness were imperative. So even today, having a clean place to live and work is of utmost importance. Sometimes the task of cleanliness seems to get neglected in today’s competitive and fast paced life where people normally don’t have time to clean properly. Nevertheless, there's no need to worry, as the issue of cleanliness can be taken care of with the help of Final Touch Commercial Cleaning (FTCC).

Final Touch is a one stop destination for all your cleaning needs. FTCC provides quality commercial cleaning services for your business, office, home, church, store or medical office. Our range of cleaning services doesn’t just end there, we have detailed cleaning services that extend to living areas, classrooms, meeting areas etc. You choose the service that meets your needs. The wide variety of cleaning services we provide consist of a one time deep cleaning service to give you a helping hand after which you'll maintain your premises; daily or weekly service where we'll continuously maintain your facility in a clean optimum position, tailor made especially to your needs.

Our cleaning process is specialized based on the type of facility you need maintained. It includes sweeping and mopping floors, trash disposal, wiping and dusting of desk, tables, cabinets, wall furnishings and even cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting toilet areas. You can also visit “commercial services” page for more information. In short, every nook and corner of your office and residence is going to be neat, clean and hygienic. 

Professional Cleaning at affordable price

If you are thinking about cleaning solutions for your home or office, visit our “why choose us” page to find out why Final Touch Commercial Cleaning will be the final cleaning company you'll need. FTCC is a professional cleaning service and is a trusted name in Memphis, Tennessee and surrounding areas that prides itself on value and quality. No other company will be able to provide you with customized services at such affordable prices. Our rates for cleaning are the some of the most competitive in this industry and we strive for 100% satisfaction. If for any reason our customers are dissatisfied, we will re-service the contracted area for free. Our company motto is, “Bringing you a Final Touch Cleaning”, so we won’t let you down under any circumstances. Our special cleaning executives will communicate with you regularly, to ensure your complete cleaning satisfaction.

The employees at Final Touch Commercial Cleaning are recruited through strict selection procedures and at our company they are continuously trained, motivated and guided to provide our customers valuable and committed services. Under all circumstances, cleaning services are performed while taking extreme care of the well being of your property to prevent accidents and damage.

In order to get best commercial cleanings services at the most affordable prices, visit our “free estimates” page and fill in your details in the provided form for an absolutely free cleaning estimate of your property or call 901-598-9335.

So, don’t wait to get your business cleaned to the "Final Touch" today.