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Commercial Cleaning Services Memphis Tn

Everything has become specialized these days and so have the traditional house keeping procedures. Businesses are expanding and this has resulted in the need of cleaning specialists who can handle various tasks in the most efficient manner. Most businesses resort to outsourcing of cleaning services to professionals who can clean the premises for them because they are unable to handle everything on their own. Final touch Commercial Cleaning (FTCC) based in Memphis, Tennessee is one such company that handles general and routine cleaning to include floors, partition walls, lighting, furniture, window cleaning, deep cleans sanitary areas, kitchens and dining areas, trash disposal and exteriors.

One Stop Cleaning Solution

Final Touch Commercial Cleaning one stop solution for all your cleanliness needs goes beyond basic cleaning. Cleanliness is important and facilities should be maintained at all costs, because germs are becoming stronger with every passing day. Rooting out more resistant germs needs more frequent and professional cleaning. If germs stay, they increase the risk of new infections and people become ill more frequently. Unclean spaces also steal the aesthetic values of offices and often cause you to lose clients. Therefore, it is important that your place of business is cleaned regularly and properly and no one does that cleaning better than Final Touch.

Medical Office Cleaning

Medical Office cleaning provided by Final Touch is second to none. Our years of experience of being directly involved with the medical industry uniquely positions us to handle the cleaning needs of your facility. We mop floors, sanitize and disinfect the premises to ensure your facility is in prime condition. We even have customized services to ensure our customers get what they want. We offer both long term, daily or weekly cleaning services. We are a license holder firm and ensure our customer’s complete satisfaction and security. Being insured is an added feature.

Post Construction Cleaning

Construction sites are typically dirty and dusty as a result of the building process, but once the construction process is over, it needs to be all cleaned up. Clearing the rubble, getting rid of the paint marks, dusting of the interiors to make the building worth occupying, we do it all for you.  Our post construction cleaning services are there to do everything to make sure you have a hassle free cleaning experience. 

Carpet Cleaning Services

We also provide carpet cleaning services. Carpets are adorable on the floors, but if not cleaned regularly, they are a breeding ground for bugs that cause various allergies. We are your carpet experts for removal of stains, dirt, grit and sand.